Our work together in Transformational Alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit


5 Areas of Spiritual Alchemy for Deepening Your Daily Connection with the Divine for HEALING & TRANSFORMATION:

Food/Drink: Food is medicine, food is sustenance, food keeps us alive and healthy. When you feed yourself improperly and bog down your system with processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and sugar you cloud your mind and heart. You're feeding yourself man made foods and not Divine, from the earth foods. Nourishing yourself with food and drink from the earth gives you life, energy and vitality. It connects and grounds you more deeply in Spirit. You are then able to tune in to the wisdom of the body more easily. 

Mindset/Beliefs: You often say things to yourself that are, well, horrendous. Again, you cloud your mind and heart with hurt, negativity and pain keeping you from truly nourishing and fully experiencing your indwelling Spirit. Those same thoughts and feelings you have about yourself become mirrored in the frustrations you have with others. Thus you aren’t able to be fully present or loving with your neighbors. 

Movement/Exercise: Our body loves movement. Movement and exercise increase endorphins, your happy receptors. When you are happy, you are more grateful, positive and loving. Our happy receptors connect us to joy and the dance of the Spirit.

Meditation/Prayer: Meditation and prayer can be done anywhere and at any time. It doesn’t have to look like someone sitting in a meditative pose with their hands in prayer position. Meditation and prayer can be anything! With the right intentions and attitude cooking, baking, walking, hiking, budgeting, grocery shopping, daily coffee and pastry, dancing, laughing can be a major part of our prayers. Seated prayer and contemplative meditation are certainly important but finding your daily, joyful, playful spiritual practice is key in having a deeper connection with the Divine. 

Relationship to Self: Your relationship with yourself includes all of the above. Relationship to Self is being loving, compassionate and caring for yourself as you would your neighbor. It is setting healthy boundaries, learning to say no, to use your inner authority and to say yes to your intuition! It is creating the best relationship with You and Your Spirit so that you are then able to Radiate your best, brightest self out in the world! 

When all the above are in alignment… 

you are able to show up kind, compassionate, clear and 

able to connect more deeply with your Intuition and the Divine, daily! 

All of these spiritual practices and ways of being are your body as temple, a truly, authentic indwelling place for your soul. You are able to love yourself more fully thus love your neighbor more wholly.


The Divine is waiting and supporting you in becoming your best, brightest self!