Body, Mind & Spirit mentoring for those who crave a transformation of their daily lifestyle to be in Deeper Connection with the Creator.

Not just on Sundays.....

My passion - my mission

My passion and mission are to work with sensitive, spiritual, creative women and men, who struggle with perfectionism, overwhelm, over-protection, people pleasing, who are working through grief and find it difficult to be true to themselves for fear of abandonment; but who desire to live a life that is in alignment with their values and dreams, who seek to befriend and heal painful emotions, and who seek healing in holistic, embodied ways.

As a result of our time together build self confidence, find healing and transformation through daily spiritual and creative practices, are empowered to live within their own body, voice and spirit and find a more profound connection to the Divine on a daily basis. Radiating the best, brightest you means having the courage to listen to your heart’s desires, enjoying the small things in life, knowing that you are worthy in every moment, being spiritually engaged daily, celebrating who you are in the present and taking a leap of faith in yourself!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart.
— Helen Keller

As a sensitive, Spiritual, creative

woman & man are you:

  • exhausted from living in other people's expectations and should's 
  • are ready to let your own light and gifts shine bright instead of letting fear and the “I’m not good enough” rule your life
  • are seeking validation and love from others instead of from Spirit
  • are letting fear of failure and what others think get in the way of achieving your own dreams
  • in distress over acne, skin concerns and digestive gurgling
  • poking and prodding at parts of your body with discontent
  • feeling like you don't have energy and nothing left to give

Welcome home! You are in the right spot!

  • are a perfectionist or recovering perfectionist trying to break free of those stifling chains
  • are hiding their traumas, painful emotions, wants, needs and dreams
  • wanting to create healthy boundaries and have lasting, loving relationships
  • needing a space to find your authentic voice
  • needing a welcoming space to grieve, to be known and heard 
  • wanting to create a loving, compassionate relationship to self
  • wanting a deeper, more lively connection with the Divine daily

After my own journey through each of these wants, needs and feelings, I decided to pursue a health coaching certification because I saw a deep connection between mind, body and spirit alignment. I came to realize that my body, truly, is a temple and indwelling place for the Divine. I also came to the awareness that my love for neighbor would only grow if I learned to accept and love myself with the same grace and care that the Divine created me in.


Trauma, transition and chaos turned my life upside down and I lost sight of who I am. It’s almost as if someone opened a puzzle box of me and threw it to the wind. The pieces scattering everywhere, some pieces go into hiding and others shattered. I had no idea how to pick up, put together, or allow any of those pieces to be seen and known and God, was hard to find. Deep down my Heart knew the Divine was right beside me and holding me in that space of chaos and scattering. I felt like a chaotic mess, was eating junk food for comfort, not moving my body, speaking cruelly towards myself, and it took all of my physical, emotional energy just to survive. Thriving seemed a thing that only a select few had.Guilt, shame, and the feeling of not belonging took feelings of any type of self-love or self-compassion. I wondered why I felt so disconnected from others, even more so from myself. After a decade of searching, trying several healing techniques, and working with several mentors/coaches, I feel golden bones reawakening and being brought back to life. One of my biggest lessons has been brining my body and mind closer to the divine through selfceare, setting boundaries and saying YES to my intuition and own voice! Here I experienced many, many times the opening of my heart to the Divine and its Healing Presence, Power, Love, and Compassion.

I learned that I needed to honor and be graciously curious about:

  • the grieving and tears I had pushed aside
  • the fact that I had consistent migraines and fatigue
  • the feeling that food was making me ill, not providing sustenance
  • the reason for poking and prodding my belly
  • the outward signs that my body was in distress - acne, rosacea, brittle nails, loss of hair
  • why I had this need to always please people
  • why I resisted saying NO
  • and why was self care the last thing on my lis


"After dancing and telling the Creation story, my friend asked those gathered around to close our eyes and move one hand around the other. She asked us to imagine ourselves the way God created us to be and for us to feel all of the love present in that molding and crafting. Something drastically shifted for me. Suddenly the puzzle pieces didn’t seem so scattered and chaotic anymore. I felt a sense of peace and healing that I hadn’t felt in an extremely long time and my connection with God grew, the greening of my soul beginning a new." 

What moved me in this moment was that if God took the time to mold me in all her Divine perfection and love, then why was I not honoring myself in the same way. I hadn’t wanted to face the fact that my health, my body, my mind and my heart were in pain. Up until that moment it had been easier to toss it all behind me and move on. In the molding of me, God molded clay and dirt with love connecting the imperfect, painful parts of me with perfection. I needed to do the same for myself. I needed to work through the pain in all areas of my life.

In that crafting and molding of myself the God's Divine golden light entered my heart -the seemingly different things I was struggling with weren't different or disconnected at all! They were my SPIRIT crying for help, crying for love, healing and compassion. Each of the things I was struggling with became signs of the path that I needed to take. It was time to begin honoring my self by taking time for self care, healing my health and mind through healthy food and exercise, creating healthy boundaries and making more space for my passions and play. 

It was time to take a leap of faith in myself, to be bold, to say YES to my body, mind and spirit!